Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday morning mayhem

What is it about Monday mornings that make the kids want to revolt and refuse to wake up and get ready for school. This morning I decided to set their alarms 10 minutes earlier than usual hoping this would get them out in time, did it work yes for my two teens but a big no for the other three.
So tonight I'm laying down the law and enforcing new bed times for them three as I am tired of battling with them, on the weekend there up at the crack of dawn what makes a weekday different okay yeah I know school but grrrrrr you would think that they would actually want to sleep in like the rest of the population.

Today I am going to try and catch up with my mid month challenges at Mystical have three to do so hopefully the two youngest will be good so I can do them.
Got to get motivated and get some serious scrapping done, also have to finish off my monogram swap for my Scrap with V swap so I'm waiting for it to dry so I can start embellishing it.
Having a go using crackle for the first time, gosh is it always that sticky, damn my new acrylics keep sticking to it thankfully I got french tips this time or my nail polish would of come off.
So my list of things to do today are:
Finish off as many of the mid month marathon challenges
Keep on working on my monogram so I can hopefully post it off today
Work on my jumbo playing card album for Drew
Do endless loads of laundry
Bake cookies and apple and cinnamon muffins for lunchboxes
Get the kids to vacuum out the pool
Ohh and the big important one get on my treadmill for at least an hour and get warmed up so I can do my tae bo tape.

Just spoke to my daughter in Albury and she has a mouse population in her oven so that just petrifies me thinking of it.
But how do they not get burnt in there, can't understand it, so she is putting mice traps down in there.
Her boyfriend has decided to give their relationship another go, so I hope it goes smoothly so have both of them coming up for christmas at the end of the year, so a full house will have to kick Alicia out of her room once again so she is not happy.
But will love having her up here, miss her like crazy.
Well going to go and have brekky and then feed Drew and then work on that list.


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