Wednesday, March 18, 2015

From my workspace this morning WOYWW 302

Hi Everyone,
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My workspace is always a dangerzone, no matter how many times I clean my desk cmon it's just going to get messy when I craft lol.

Had to rearrange my space after the cyclone as I had water coming in thru the side of the garage, which was totally annoying, damn the garden mess was awful to clean up, then had to go and do the craft garage and it took ages...
So I've been working with Heidi Swapp's portfolio and this cute little scrapping kit from A Piece of Cake Designs called the Cupcake kit, as soon as I saw this cute kit I had to buy it, as I love anything Heidi Swapp related....

It's finally finished, nice to actually find time to scrap, I've been looking back at my written resolutions for 2015 and getting more creative is one I still need to make more time to do, as for my other ones which were

get healthy
more outside time with the kids
train the pom
One electronic free day a week

I make the time to do all this especially the get healthy one, this one is a top priority and I have become addicted to my elliptical so much so that hubby is always whining that my body needs a rest day, but every so often I will take a day off, but I have total withdrawals and end up doing one session instead of two a day.
Today he actually pulled my shorts up and said you need to get a size that fits, damn felt so good especially coming from him who's ex army and has always been fit as an ox...
I've weaned myself off of coffee which was an addiction and I'm back to drinking black tea again, tried green tea but yuck can't drink it...
So feeling good, I'm sticking to my diet and losing that weight and for once not putting it back on

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What's on your workdesk Wednesday #287

First off just read some of the comments and wanted to answer what's in the Santa hat ladies meet my little Pomeranian puppy at the moment the kids have named her Elsa she is 5 weeks old right now and is so tiny compared to her sister Milly and her brother Olaf....
The puppies have been playing with Bella's Santa hat that day and when I saw her fast asleep in the hat had to take a Santa Paws kind of photo....
Gosh this year has gone by so quick lots of bumpy roads for our family but were all together and that's what matter's, I started doing my December daily the other day, but wanted to include photos from a couple of days in November as the kids had Xmas activities....
I so could fill this album up with photos within 10 days so I'm trying to just focus on the little things and document them...
Is anyone doing a Dec Daily I would love to see yours?
So anyway if you have dropped by from the Stamping ground blog-hop well thank you, and if your a newbie maybe you should join in on the weekly crafting table blog hop, make your way to Julia's blog Julia's blog
Day 2 meeting Frosty
It's too hot to work in my craft garage, it's heading into snake season and to tell you the truth I'm hesitant to go in there now by myself, I make such a darn racket when I have to rumble thru my bookshelves....
So if your doing a Dec daily leave me the link to yours so I can check yours out too....
Now gotta run I have someone coming to look at one of my puppies today....

Working on the kitchen counter

Putting up the tree on the last day of Nov

Day 2

Day 2 back page

First pages in Dec Daily 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday #282

Well hello once again,

Seriously the weather is heating up in my part of the world, Monday was disgusting with it hitting 40 degrees, I really felt for the kids who don't have airconditioning in their classrooms, thankfully it has gone down in temp since then otherwise they would of been home instead of at school...
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Now I have been working in my craft room but I had other exciting things happen my Pomeranian had her first litter of puppies so Tuesday am was a no sleep day for either of us, it started at 1am and she had her last puppy at 8pm last night she is such a good little mama I was really worried we would have to go to the vet's but she did it all by herself...
So look at how cute her babies are

Up all night with Miss Sooky

Cookie platter from Costco

Miss Evil raiding the cookies
So this is on my workdesk this afternoon I'm working on project life style layouts using Kaiser, Prima and My Mind's eye for this week's layouts, as I type all I hear is the little cries from Sooky's babies she is sitting under me pretending she can't hear the noise.
Working on this week's project life on my workdesk right now

Raked up all these leaves yesterday have the blisters to prove it

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What's on your workdesk Wednesday #280

Hi Everyone man this week is flying I haven't really had time to do much of anything hubby has been sick thankfully not bad enough for a hospital visit.
So I've been wrapped up in him and the family, I have been trying to do a couple of project life pages but I'm so fussy it takes me ages I can not do simple, it's just not in my blood lol.
Well I hope your doing the weekly blog if not then why not, head on over to Julia's blog over at and join in the fun.
Okay so this is my workdesk I'm supposed to be exercising right now lol but my desk was too messy I had to at least make it presentable.
And a close up of the project life pages still in progress using Prima, well gotta run my garage just got invaded by the family.
Catch you later

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What's on your work desk 279

a magnet
altered configuration boxes

My memo note board using new Prima Papers

Well hello,
The kids went back to school yesterday after two weeks of school holidays, so time to head into my craft garage and craft, thanks to everyone for dropping by 
last week I sure appreciated your comments.
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So what's on my work desk today honestly a mess lol, but I have started on making some Christmas decorations well I've done one.
The project that I've just completed I got to use some of my new Prima stash seriously the Epiphany collection is so easy to work with, I just love that with most Prima collections you can mix and match between the collections, so I can mix and match the old with the new...
I made a memo board I took some configuration boxes, my Tim Holtz dies and of course some Prima, used my dies to make my roses, made a little mini file folder to slip in receipts or school notes and then I have my little clipboard folder I made from scratch need to add a pen to it...
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my crafttable...

First christmas decoration for 2014

Did I say I was a messy crafter!

Another view of the noteboard at the bottom is a binder clip to hold photo's, keys etc