Monday, June 22, 2009

Been tagged and memory box

Okay I've just been tagged by one of the girls at Hybrid, her name is Kerryn and she totally rocks the scrapping world with some amazing layout's...
So if you want to be inspired click here

Things that I look forward to:

1. Morning Coffee
2. Blogging
3. Scrapping
4. Getting a hug from my Kids
5. Aging gracefully (hang on who
am I kidding, thankgod for photoshop)
6. Reading a good book
7. Spending time with my hubby
8. and scrapping my heart out

Things I did yesterday

1. Scrapped a layout
2. Went for a swim
3. Got frustrated and cried oh the joys of being a military wife
4. Went shopping for scrapping supplies
5. Read a scrapping magazine
6. Watched my Bullet for my valentine DVD
7. Dropped my son off at the Raceway so he could watch the V*'s
8. Didn't sleep till 2

Things I wish I could do?

1. Escape from Darwin right now
2. Get a tattoo but alas I'm petrified of needles
3. Travel abroad and go back to Austria
4. Have a curry from England yum
5. Scrap with my girls from Hybrid
6. Marry my hubby again on horseback with him in his cam's
7. Go to LA and go shopping at South Coast Plaza
8. Have an extreme makeover that dosen't hurt....

8 things I have watched lately
1. Bones Season 3
2. Rome Series 2
3. Watched my kids playing in the pool
4. Watched Drew place a colander on his head and then get the handle stuck over his head...
5. Watched the kids playing Wiii Tennis
6. Watched hubby exercising and laughing all the way
7. Watched Crime 360 on hubby's laptop
8. Watched my son Drew hugging my dog Pippin and then trying to pull out his hair..... OUch

8 people to tag hmmmmmm

1. Marit
2. Cindy
3. MareeG
4. MareeD
5. Irene
6. Leesa
7. Jessica
8. Ness

Okay this is my memory box that I am making I turn the big number in a couple of day's so wanted to make something to celebrate me, the picture just dosen't show the colours in person it looks so old and vintage looking....

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nscropper said...

A wonderful idea ... it's beautiful.