Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Look what Mr Postie brought me today

Well Mr Postman came a knocking today with a lovely little parcel hmmm what was inside you must be wondering it was my beautiful noodle box swap from my partner Rae of Scrap Matrix and it was overflowing with some serious eyecandy.......
Here is a side view of my box it's just so sweet so love it.
Hello how sweet are those little birdies......
And what inside you were thinking hmmmmm just all of this
I got some amazing things from that little pink bird at the front to altered cotton spools and ribbon holders handmade by Rae and they even have my name on them......
This is what was inside my package because you really didn't think that was all going to fit in that noodle box did you?
Cream lace
pink lace
lots of different crocheted flowers in my favourite colours
7 ribbon altered holders with beautiful ribbons, laces and trims adorning each one
some pretty pins with charms
2 little altered cotton spools
my beautiful little pink birdie
some pearls cream and pink
2 cottons in different shades of pink
Distress stickles
some little bows and flowers
a butterfly
lots of buttons
and these
and seven different kinds of materials am I spoilt or what....
So thankyou so much Rae I loved everything you sent and I hope you like mine........

These are my layouts for my round robin, it's all completed now ready to send off again to Ngaire.


Ngaire said...

Oooh it is gorgeous! Cant wait to see the album!

scrappin' girl said...

WOW Maria, your noodle box pressie is AMAZING!!!!!

ann said...

Ohhhhh what a beautiful swap parcel x you will sure have some fun using those beautiful things xx

PeggyR said...

Ooo that turned out great! I mailed mine off to Maree yesterday. If you have another robin I would like to join in it!

MarmaladeRose said...

Hello Maria,

Welcome to the world of 20 Minuters. Yes I have added you to the 20 Minuters
List. There are no rules, just a little promise to yourself to find at least
20 minutes a day to indulge in your particular craft. There are 50+ of us
now on the list, so if you get time pop over and encourage some of the
others. Don't forget to post about your achievements and upload some of your
craft progress photos to our flickr page.

You can get to our flickr page by clicking on the 20 minuters flickr badge
on the side bar of my blog page. Click on the 'What is this?' writing under
the pics, the box will expand and then click on the pink MarmaladeRose's 20
Minuters group pool. This will open up our flickr page, where you can click
on add photos. (you add the photos from your own flickr page. Very easy to
register on flickr and get started. It must be because I managed it. lol)

love Fi x

Lou said...

Totally GORGEOUS!!!
Knew anything from Rae would be wonderful! :)
Happy Birthday for Today!!!!
Love Lou xx

Ngaire said...

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Maria!
Happy Birthday to You!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

HI Maria! I was too busy writing workshops the past months so haven't visited many blogs.. in fact, almost none. Shame on me! But here I am, and YOU too are still going strong!!! Hope you are OK?!!

Maria said...

Hi Ngaire,

Thanks girlfriend yes I had a wonderful day yesterday the kids spoiled me rotten and I even had a glass of wine to celebrate.....

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

WOW, Maria, how beautiful and PINK!!!!

Thank you for your lovely comment about my pillow!