Friday, June 27, 2008

First week of the holidays

It's Friday and I've woken up with a killer headache and of course have run out of panadol so have to put up with pain until I go up to the shop's, have to say this first week of holidays has gone pretty smoothly, the kids have pretty much entertained themselves which has been great haven't had any "I'm bored Mom what can I do as of yet" so it's been quite nice.
Next week hubby is off for two week's so that takes the pressure off me so I can have some me time, Drew has gone thru a major growth spurt he is a massive 57 cm now, he's grown 6 cm's in the last month.
Have managed to do a couple of layout's this week which for me is great as It can take me weeks to get a layout just right, these ones came together easier this time.

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