Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Sunday

I've had so many ups and downs this week it's been driving me crazy, hubby left for 6 weeks for secret squirrel business as he call's it, Max is sick and already wanting daddy to come home and he only left at Midnight, Drew is teething like mad and wants to be picked up 24/7, and I'm already knackered just from all that.
The good things were on Friday night started to make my house album which came in kit form from ScrapwithV gosh have so fallen in love with fancy pants papers, there so awesome and colourful going to get some more of those soon.
It's an online class taught by the talented DT Jodi Dolbel.
Done my first page but have to say gosh do I suck at cutting out windows, yuck, I can not cut them out with those craft knives they turn out horrible so have to make do with cutting the window away with scissors.
But still finding photos small enough for two of my smaller windows then the 2nd page will be entirely finished.
This is my first page as you can see still have to put another small photo behind that window but other than that first page is done.....
And this is last page of the album, still have some more family photos to hunt down then I can finish off the rest of the pages.
So thank you Jodi for a great class totally enjoyed it.

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Wendy Smith said...

you have done some beautiful work...keep it up

the mini album is beautiful