Thursday, September 25, 2008


Oh my gosh I told me son to hang out some towels last night outside and he came running in so fast I thought he was going to faint, he said he saw a massive rat running on the neighbours wall so how gross I am totally petrified of them, we had a mouse in our shed when we moved in, and then of course we ended up having two snakes in their as well, so I'm praying that this rat is the neighbours and not mine.....
Got so many challenges to catch up on Sept has been such a struggle trying to get my projects finished, it's driving me crazy my mojo is lost in limbo and need help in finding it.......
Been trying to come up with some christmas type embellishments and struggling, I keep kicking myself when I decided not to buy the cricut, thinking I wouldn't really use it that much.
Now I see that I could of done so much on one of those grrrr, maybe I should put that on my christmas wish list along with a new camera, and a new gaming console hmmmm.
Well waiting for two scrapping packages to come they should turn up hopefully today as I'm itching to get my hands on my new scrapping goodies.
Got to go and put washing on the line, will send my dog out first to make sure that rat isn't anywhere around.....
Happy Scrapping

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