Monday, March 29, 2010

Things that inspire me, books to read, and music to soothe my soul

Morning Everyone,

I've been searching thru my stash finding things that inspire me for the giveaway at aswapforallseasons, so the first thing that inspires me is a pink and white shabby kind of combination a birdcage, all my pretty little trims, a flower or two something simple, the other is my altered clock hanging that I made not that long ago just love the pretty colours and that sweet image from the Le Romantique papers,

I made the partybus again at Badgirls on the weekend for this layout of Drew so that's always something to brighten up one's day, there's a new blueprint up over at Badgirls  and it's all about taking inspiration from a some beautiful images and they are oh so shabby sweet, have you given one of their challenges a go yet, what are you waiting for click here now and maybe you'll be partying on the party bus.....

Okay onto reading material went to the library the other day and spotted this book in the return's slot and decided to take it home it's called "Jane Austen in Scarsdale by Paula Cohen and oh my gosh it was such a delightful read not to short and not to long, so now of course I'm in the search for her other book called Jane Austen in Boca.
Now everyone that knows me knows that I'm a bit of a headbanger when it comes to music, songs on my ipod mainly consists of Bullet for my Valentine, Guns and Roses, Metallica etc but I do have a few favourites that I love to listen to that are more softer in nature, sounds that I love are these by Andrea Bocelli this man moves my soul, he sings like an angel and can calm me when I'm in the sourest of moods, my favourites are these Con te Patiro (Time to say goodbye) I especially love the duet with Sarah Brightman she is another one of my favourites fell in love with her voice when I saw Phantom of the Opera in London. Another song is Where We belong, one of my favourite songs sung by Sarah Brightman would be this one "Think of me from the Phantom of the Opera and of course The Phantom of the Opera with Michael Crawford, now who would of thought he had a beautiful voice after watching him in "Some mother's do ave em"

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Ngaire said...

I love your new layout and I love looking at pictures of your clock!