Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My weekly roundup and the Heidi Swapp adventure week 2 photos

This week I have been playing in my memory file album finally finished week 2 and hello my album is already bulging at the seams but I so love it.
Now all who know me know that I'm not really a colour person I rarely use black in my work other than to ink l0l.
So this weeks adventure I stepped into the wild side and coloured my world big time....
I played with my new Heidi stash I didn't hoard it away I actually used it as soon as it arrived..... normally I'm like golum in the lord of the rings and hold onto it as if my life depended on it ahhh my precious....
I have also gathering supplies for week 3 its about people who inspire you,   so of course my hubby is top of the list.
Craft wise
Heidi Swapp
Kim Jeffress
Frank Garcia love my prima boy
Tim Holtz
Irene Tan
Also I thought of people that have brought alot of good things to this world.
Bryce Courtenay
Marie Antoinette her lifestyle
Marie Curie
Martin Luther King
So stayed tuned for my next instalment of my memory file adventure....

Working on this week's adventure week 2 making embellishments

Week 2 page 3

Some of my Heidi stash hanging off my new workdesk

My new work desk love it

Page 2

A page in my snap Album

 Page 4

Cover page for week 2

Who doesn't love this boy......


Kim said...

Gosh this looks sooo incredible ... And I'm honored to be there on your page

Bernii Miller said...

Wow.. this is stunning !!

Tabitha said...

i love page 4 and the cover for week2