Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's on your workdesk 224

Hey everyone,

Gosh I have been so busy I haven't had time to do any type of blog post but I have been creating in that time, and doing an amazing workshop with Donna Downey a fortnight ago...
So what's on my work desk I have been working on my craft desk in the family room the last couple of weeks this is what my desk looks like this morning.
I wanted to create an album from scratch for my son Max's birthday which was yesterday to keep his birthday photo's and movie world memorabilia in it, loved how it turned out, still need to work on adding the photos to inside but will show those next week.
Monday we took the kids to Movie world to celebrate Max's 8th birthday we got our vip passes so we can finally go anytime now and only have to pay for food, gas and store purchases.
Of course the day we planned to go it rained like mad but nope it didn't stop us from having a fab day out, little Bella loved the tweety bird cage ride, I took Max on the rollercoaster forgot I was scared of heights until we were on the ride lol...
For a surprise for Max he got to get his photo taken with the stunt driver's this just made his day, the smile on his face as he got in the car was priceless.....

Well just a short post as I need to get ready to do the weekly shopping trip, oh what fun lol actually I quite like it....
So if you want to head on to Julia's bloghop around the world then click on the link and join in
My workdesk this morning

the spine of Max's birthday cake

Max's Baskin Robbins Hokey Pokey choc icecream cake

Gold coast movie world

Bella in the Tweety cages

Donna and I

Max on his birthday yesterday


Regina Hamilton said...

happy birthday, Max. I love that card, and the cake looks yummy. happy crafting #1

Jackie said...

I laughed at your work desk ... Sorry it's lovely and busy
I bet you enjoyed the workshop with Donna she just great!
Jackie 31

Candace said...

Thanks for sharing your creative crafty space and hope you have a great weekend

Candace #60

Roberta B said...

Hello, Thanks for the peak and have a great day . Roberta 7

Ria Gall said...

Hi Maria
it sounds like you have had such a busy time and your desk looks like it is crying out for help.
Love all your photos it sure looks like everyone had fun
Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
Ria #61

Cazzy said...

What a wonderful day for Max, I would have done the tweetie pie ride, that would be it!

Did the cake get eaten?

Your desk is my kind of workspace!

Cazzy x #95