Friday, June 13, 2008

Slowly getting my mojo back

Okay my hubby has asked me to make him something so he can hang it up in his office at work, at the moment he has a fireman calendar gracing his wall's, and no not put up by him lol.
So I decided to use some of my basic grey stash which I am totally loving right now, it's so girly, I should have used the boxer range but forgot I had that .
Was going to put a title but I think it would look abit too clustered, so have left it as it is.
Now got some layouts to start figuring out, for the cybercrop at scrap with v, my brain is in shut down mode right now, going grocery shopping just does that for me.
So gotta get a coffee and think back and think.
This is his canvas and yes I was just going to upload a picture of it until I realized that I'm on hubby's laptop and I stored the image on my computer, so will have to upload tomorrow

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