Friday, June 13, 2008

Almost The Weekend

Well Friday has rocked up once again, time to destress and unwind, other half decided to ride to work again, he actually made it out the door, only to rock up again 20 minutes later saying he was 3/4 of the way to the base when he realized he didn't have his helmet on and had to come home so he wasn't too impressed.
But at least he got a good workout, talking of workout's, I'm actually going to answer my treadmill's call today and get on for 40 minutes wish I could run but alas can't run to save my life. Also want to do my tae bo at least once over this weekend preferably with no kids around as there is too much distractions when there around, and it's easy to just quit.
The kids had their sports carnival yesterday but their team came third but they had fun and that's what counts in the end, they went crazy with the yellow hairspray both dogs went yellow for the cause.
Tonight it's the Cyber crop at Scrap with V, so I'm hoping to actually get something done for a change and I'm praying that Drew will be good so I can get a couple of layouts done.
Got a package yesterday filled with Making Memories Passport line, and some Basic grey boxer and archiac papers and stickers so something boyish to scrap those boys pictures and face it since I have 6 boys it's hard to think of embellishments for layouts, so much easier with girls you just bling and flower and they look good instantly.
Well gotta go Drew has just gone to sleep so going to put a load of washing out, and a load in and hopefully get on the treadmill before he wakes for a feed.

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