Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Today is such a mellow day, my thoughts of having a sleep in were dashed when DS came into the room at 7.30 saying make me sandwitch with mite which is a vegemite sandwhich . Kids have been cleaning out their rooms so my two older sons have discovered piles of laundry under their beds, most probably 80 percent of it is clean that they never put away so grrrr, I hate washing but more importantly I hate putting it all away.
Had my tiramisu latte from Gloria Jean's this morning, made hubby go up and get me one, the poor thing he hates going in to get my coffee's as he thinks that I have to pick the one with the gayest name, hang on is that a word.
Then decided to take the kids out for a walk and to feed the ducks around the lake, but of course everyone feeds the ducks so they weren't that hungry, so Max instead feed the bread to the fish and got all excited.
Hubby is at work in the ER, so this money goes directly to my China trip in August, what a great hubby I have, tomorrow he has off so it will be nice to have some time together just the two of us well plus bubs and Max.
The day after he goes to work aboard the US Hospital Ship thats coming to Darwin so he is all excited, poor bugger is going to get homesick yet again especially when he see's all the snack kind of treats aboard the ship.
Next week he is going to take Alex and go on the jet boat ride so he is trying to pysch himself up for it, otherwise he would of gone yesterday.
Alex has seen his car that he wants to get, so he has started to apply for jobs fingers crossed he gets one, but he is motivated at the moment and thats the first step its a magna in pretty good knick for $1500 so for a first car that is looking pretty sweet to him.
So I am praying he gets one of these job's real soon.
Starting the 123 challenge today, the criteria for the challenge is to use string around the outside of your layout so that is challenging to say the least, probably will use basic grey for my papers on this one, and then I am sorting out what papers to use on the black magic challenge at Mystical Scrapbooks, got the photo all ready now just have to search for the right colours that you have to use on it.

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