Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Took Max to the movies to see Wall-E today as he has a thing about robots at the moment, got short circuit the movie out the other day and he happen to walk by, so now of course this is his fave movie I swear I have watched it 12 times in the last three days.
But Wall-E was a great kids movie I really thought it was going to be crap but I quite enjoyed it, Max loved every moment he watched but then fell asleep halfway thru and woke up at the end, saying load it again how cute is he.
Got a couple of packages coming this week filled with more scrapping suppl;ies ordered three scarlet lime kits so should get them by Friday so can't wait to get some cool layouts done with them.
My son Alex has got a week experience working on the army base its finally been approved but of course he has to do it in his school holidays next week, so he is kind of bummed as in the topend its only a week instead of two everywhere else....
Told him he has to take sports clothes and he says "What I have to do PT on my holidays but hey gets him out of the house so one taken care of 6 to go....

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