Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning and my petite basket sneak peek

Oh what a beautiful morning it is today it's actually a little nippy, just looked outside to check on my chinese hairless to see if his sweater is still on and nope my little llasa apso  has pulled it off again so they are snuggled up together in the turtle pool...Note to self buy both dogs the same sweater so no one get's jealous.

Well the adventure begins today as our round robin journals begin their journey around Australia, I so look forward to working on each and every journal that passes through my hand's, and hopefully creating a page that will look beautiful in each..... The first one I get will be Judi's, so have got my thinking cap on already for paper's and embellishment's.... The first stop for my journal is Cairn's to the lovely Lou of Pretty Posies and papertrails......

Well above are sneak peaks of the swap I created for my partner Sarah it's the petite basket swap I ended up doing a box as my basket pretty much disintegrated when I was painting it hmmmm maybe it was just too old lol....
But I had fun and I hope she likes it....
Not much happening today I reserved a whole lot of Marie Antionette books last night oh and a couple about Anne Boleyn so I'm waiting impatiently for them to come in so I can read to my heart's content...
Now how am I going to spend my day hmmmm let me think
1. Breakfast
2 housework ohh what fun
3. Clean my patio
4. Playtime with kids outside
5. Work on my matchbox for the Scrap artist swap
6. Watch Avatar as I fell asleep watching it halfway thru last night, maybe I shouldn't have started watching it so late.
7. Bake something for afternoon tea hmmm cookies or muffins or both?
8 exercise hmmmm an hour now taebo or Wiii and exercise bike

And that's about it have a lovely day everyone


Sarah said...

What a great sneak peak! It will certainly be worth the wait!

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see the whole thing! Happy May Day!