Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's day and my weekly round up

I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day celebrating with your families, I had a lovely day breakfast in bed made by my teen Alicia, a lovely new mug from my boy Max love that he picked it out himself, of course I got my mothers day presents earlier my new samsung touchscreen desktop computer and my cameo from my hubby....
I spent the morning have a girly morning out shopping with my daughter Alicia buying a couple of outfits, books and some accessories, then going to my favourite coffee shop for a caramelized cappuccino so addicted to these.
And yes I did do some scrap shopping I have fallen in love with the Teresa Collins new line so love the notebooks and the file folders so had to get the collection don't you love it.
My mothers day present from Max

My Bella already to go to Krispy Kreme

New stash on its way
Drew and I on Mother's day cuddling up on the couch
Using all washi tape on a page for my memory file album

New stash on it's way

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