Wednesday, March 18, 2015

From my workspace this morning WOYWW 302

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for dropping by my blog and checking out Wednesday's workspace, if you haven't joined the bloghop yet then head on over to Julia's blog and add your blog to the list.
My workspace is always a dangerzone, no matter how many times I clean my desk cmon it's just going to get messy when I craft lol.

Had to rearrange my space after the cyclone as I had water coming in thru the side of the garage, which was totally annoying, damn the garden mess was awful to clean up, then had to go and do the craft garage and it took ages...
So I've been working with Heidi Swapp's portfolio and this cute little scrapping kit from A Piece of Cake Designs called the Cupcake kit, as soon as I saw this cute kit I had to buy it, as I love anything Heidi Swapp related....

It's finally finished, nice to actually find time to scrap, I've been looking back at my written resolutions for 2015 and getting more creative is one I still need to make more time to do, as for my other ones which were

get healthy
more outside time with the kids
train the pom
One electronic free day a week

I make the time to do all this especially the get healthy one, this one is a top priority and I have become addicted to my elliptical so much so that hubby is always whining that my body needs a rest day, but every so often I will take a day off, but I have total withdrawals and end up doing one session instead of two a day.
Today he actually pulled my shorts up and said you need to get a size that fits, damn felt so good especially coming from him who's ex army and has always been fit as an ox...
I've weaned myself off of coffee which was an addiction and I'm back to drinking black tea again, tried green tea but yuck can't drink it...
So feeling good, I'm sticking to my diet and losing that weight and for once not putting it back on


glitterandglue said...

Morning, Maria. What a beautifully positive blog to read this early in a morning. All the best with your resolutions - sounds like you are doing just great if the shorts keep falling down!!
Lovely looking pages on your post.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #3

MrsC.x said...

good luck with the repair work from the weather, love your projects
thanks for sharing
luv Mrs C.x

Lisca Meijer said...

Well done you for actively working on your resolutions. Especially the 'health' one. Giving up coffee is a big thing. I had a headache that lasted a week after giving up coffee. But black tea also has caffeine in it (Its called something else) There are many lovely herbal teas (I don't like green tea either) like liquorice or fennel or apple and cinnamon etc
Have a great week,
PS I'm thinking of our fellow desk hopper Shoshi today who's operation has been postponed yet again! I can't imagine how she must be feeling.

Sandy Leigh said...

Where do you live? A cyclone sounds terrifying!! Glad you and your family are okay. Love your journals. Also, what a great idea to make yourself be unplugged one day a week. Brilliant! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #53

Pat Taviss said...

Great resolutions. I'm with you on getting healthier. It is such a challenge.

Thanks for sharing, drop on by. Happy WOYWW Pat #63

CraftyHope said...

So glad I'm not the only one with a messy desk. It's hard too be creative without making a mess right?! Great job on the resolutions though.