Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday's Tales, a cold and a Caramel Machiato

Well today has been a busy one both the little ones have a cold, Max is coughing up a storm but instead of lying down wants to be outside waxing the car with his dad and riding his bike, he asked to have his trainer wheels taken off his bike today but didn't understand he was probably not going to ride it properly without falling over a few times, needless to say he asked his dad why he kept on falling, so daddy was outside answering a 101 questions as to why?
Our cat has just noticed there is even more action going on in the fishtank and keeps trying to take one of the fish out, thankfully he is still kind of lame and hasn't succeeded yet? Now doesn't he look so innocent in these photos with Alicia,
my gosh she thinks he is her baby talk about pampered puss.... And speaking of our cat Keiko hubby spotted this playing on a tv at the petshop this morning and wants to get our cat one
Okay so the closest Starbucks to me is about a 20 minute drive which is no problem but I have issues with the shopping centre because it's just so massive, always packed with people  I think I have gone there once since I have been back in Brissy.
Now I really can't stand packed shopping centres so my cravings for a Starbucks Caramel machiato haven't been indulged so the one day that I can bear going there and what do I get a coffee that tastes burnt gosh don't you just hate the taste so not fair, yes I could of complained but I guess somedays you just make a bad coffee lol.....
But I made myself feel better I got some little vintage ribbons and some little vials of german glitter glass from Fated Follies I just fell in love with the little vials ever so cute, so go and have a peek lots of pretty german glitter glass in lots of colours with fab prices and the shipping isn't that expensive either.....

On to other things a binder tutorial to make from Michelle Gellar, I was actually looking for Marie Antionette stuff and somehow got here, but so glad I did, she is one very talented creator so thought I would share her lovely blog with you. and then I also love coming here it's just a lovely place to come and see some lovely work and then onto our image for the day I bet you all thought I had forgotten this
 Now if your stuck in a rut and need something to get you creating then check out the latest challenge at Theme Thursday this is the criteria for the challenge.
This week’s theme is “art word(s)”!    Create something with one or more art words  this week!   Think words like “art”, “inspire”, “create” or any other word that makes you think of art!   Use collage images, rubber stamps, fancy paper , embellishments or any other art supply to make your creation or even digitally add an art word to your piece!     Digital art is also welcome!    Interpret this theme any way you like!  You can create an ATC, tag,  4 x 4, card,   skinny or whatever you fancy! Add your art to your blog, then post a direct link under the comments! Please include a link to Theme Thursday in your blog post.
And you still have a couple more days to get in your challenge for Mixed Media Monday criteria is:
She has chosen “enchanted” as her challenge prompt, and created this amazing piece to inspire us.  This prompt  needs no explaination, and as always is open to your interpretation.   Right I am outta here I have got two dvd's to watch just waiting until all the kids are in their rooms as tonight is gore fest night and of course no one watches them but me, lol where have all the good men gone, tonight for my viewing pleasure is Growth and Cabin Fever 2, yes I probably will have one hand over my eyes for most of the night but I'm going to watch them.....

See you all in the morning, or maybe not it's my 21st wedding anniversary on Saturday but of course hubby is working on base all weekend so there goes my romantic day lol, so instead going to help my hubby  buy me a present and of course the two things I love I'm not allowed to get eg scrapping stuff or Playstation 3 games grrrrrr....
Nighty Nite

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Love the story about Max and his trainer wheels....toooooo funny lol